Roadtrip – Day 1. Sydney to Cobar

“A proper feed” said the man as we suspiciously looked at the Empire Hotel in Cobar. That was the third recommendation we got for the place. The other two came from the caravan park where we’ve got a cabin for the night on our way through to Broken Hill.

So we went in and quickly realised that a “proper feed” was also about the size of the portions served. The waitress even asked if I wanted chips (fries) with my chicken nachos?!?

Which all kinda made sense when the food arrived and it turned out to be a whole grilled chicken breast with 4 nachos stuck on top and salad on the side.

Despite the slightly rough look on the outside though, the place offered a nice ambience and the waitress even took Brent out the back to the storage for him to choose his own bottle of wine from a rather excellent selection, at very reasonable prices.

We left Sydney 7.30 am this morning. Coco refused to say goodbye and hid under the bed. The cat sitters later managed to catch him and take him to their place.

The trip out of Sydney went smooth and soon we’d done the first 200 k’s and could stop for a morning coffee/chai latte at Bathurst.

Then we went on to Wellington where we had lunch in Cameron Park. A well kept little spot off the main street with plenty of benches, the towns war memorial and a rehabilitated creek, which according to a sign had platypuses in it.

From here we entered the western plains of NSW, meaning flat terrain and straight roads for hours on end. At Nyngan we had our last leg stretching stop before the final stretch to Cobar.

With dusk arriving and the native wildlife waking up, this bit of road was the worst as we both had to be on the lookout for especially kangaroos near the road. Not wanting to risk hitting any of them with a 100 km/hr, also not to forget the increase in uncomfortable blinding headlights from road trains on the opposite side of the road.

What was worst though, was:

1. the amount of litter we saw along the roadside on this stretch. With the sun being low on the horizon it’s beams hit every single piece of plastic and glass. Why is it that humans thinks it is ok to just trash the environment like that?!

And along that line: 2. Huge cotton farms with all their cotton ready for transport.

In a country suffering from severe drought, one can’t help to wonder how anyone can justify to grow a crop that is so water intensive. Especially in areas that are already very very dry.

We arrived in to Cobar just as the sun set (5.30 pm/17.30). Settled in to our little cabin and walked the 1.3 km “downtown” to the Empire Hotel for a good feed.

Total hrs of driving: 10

Km’s: 700

Googles estimate isn’t quite accurate

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