Day 2: Cobar to Broken Hill

“Who goes on a driving holiday to the outback and bring their roller skates?!” asked Brent’s daughter when Brent sent her a video of us having a blast on our roller skates.

Well, I guess we do, and my excitement levels reached new heights as I discovered that Broken Hill have their own roller skating rink. So much that I had to ask the lady at the reception of the motel that we’re staying in, if it really was true that it was open.

The Silver City Roller Skating Club and rink is run by volunteers and only open Tuesday eve and Friday and Saturdays. So the more lucky for us that we arrived in to Broken Hill today, Tuesday, and even more lucky that we had our skates with us!

When Brent and I first met he was bragging about his roller skating skills, and today he finally got to show them off! Despite my short roller derby “career” I wouldn’t even be able to pull off some of those moves!

Before we left Cobar this morning we had a look around and visited the local tourist information and heritage center.

In its hay day (early 1900’s) as a copper, silver and gold mining town, Cobar shire housed 50,000 people. Today this number has fallen to approximately 7,000. The mining is still going though, but now with much more modern technology, and thus only 900+ people needed to operate the mines.

Back on the road we headed due west, and was surprised by the 100’s of wild goats along the road side, along with what looked like sheep gone astray.

But we were also amazed at how green it actually was; even though there’s a drought, the plants here sure knows how to make the most of every single little drop. Well, I guess most plants really do, but, it’s especially notable here.

With the travel distance half the distance of yesterday, we only had a short stop at Emmdale Roadhouse to stretch our legs and have a snack before continuing on to Broken Hill.

So far Broken Hill has given us a very good impression. Not only because of the skating rink, well, ok, mainly because of the skating rink, but also because of some of the amazing old heritage architecture, especially along the main street. In fact Broken Hill is Australia’s first heritage listed city (2015).

The mines at Broken Hill extracts lead, silver and zinc and the town has been build on the enormous wealth that came along with the mining industry. Today, more than 50 million tones of lead and zinc, and 20,000 tonnes of silver have been extracted from northwards of 200 million tonnes of ore!

Before sunset we also managed to drive up to the nearby lookout which is also the location of a memorial to the over 800 people who has died working in the mines since they opened in the late 1800.

Hrs on the road: 4.5

Km: 456

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