Day 4 – Broken Hill to Flinders Ranges

“You must have quite a few people coming through?” “Not really” the roadhouse owner answered the only other couple stopping in at the Mannahill roadhouse. Had the woman asking, bothered to look around at what is left of the old Mannahill town, she would have known the answer. With the location of Mannahill 50 k’s outside Yunta, which has a petrol station, it’s no wonder Mannahill is often passed by.

Apparently only 5 people are now left in Mannahill, of which only 2 are women, and they don’t get along, the women that is!

We left Broken Hill at 9.30 am and didn’t stop till 200 km later at Mannahill and what was the strangest roadhouse we may have ever seen. Not to forget the little museum of odd things she’s managed to collect from near and afar.

Apparently Di is a bit sick of being asked the same questions… also, whilst we were there she corrected the number of people in the town till 5.

Further down the road, at Yunta, we let a bit of the air out of the tires and went down the off road track leading to Rawnsley Park Station (an old sheep farm turned into tourist accommodation) – where we’ll be staying for 3 nights.

The 170 km long dirt track took us through an amazing and ever changing desert landscape. From open dried out salt pans, to open plains, wide dried out riverbeds and scattered homestead ruins, bearing witness to lives long lived, and gone. Defeated by the rough and arid terrain.

During the 1st hr on the dirt track we met a total of 4 vehicles, this part was on a sort of main track. Once we turned off the main track we had 2 hrs all to ourselves, except from a cyclist with all his camping gear!

To top it all off, we got a fair amount of showers too which made the contrasts of the dry landscape and the sky even more dramatic. But also ensured that our 4WD is now in need of a serious wash. Unfortunately there’s no car washes out here, in the middle of Flinders Ranges.

Unfortunately our 3 and 4G signal is limited out here, so the next couple of posts may come a bit sporadic.

Km: 350

Hr on the road: 5 with (photo)stops

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