Day 5 – 550 million years old rocks, and Roadkill for lunch


Brent ordered a camel burger at the roadkill restaurant. It’s real name is in fact The Prairie Hotel. It’s nickname, the Roadkill Restaurant comes from just that; serving roadkill meat, or at least meat from animals living wild in the Australian outback (hence sometimes suffering the faith of being killed attempting to cross the road), i.e. camels (ok, maybe that one’s a bit hard to run over), kangaroo, goats and emu. Unlike Brent, I didn’t quite feel up for the challenge and went with a chicken burger and sweet potato fries.

It quite amazes me how these small restaurants/bars, and accommodation for that matter, out here in the middle of nowhere, have been able to reinvent themselves and attract visitors from all over the world. Of course visitors also come for the amazing landscape and the wide range of activities available i.e. 4WD, mountain and motor biking, walking, family farm stays etc, but the quality of the food and accommodation offered is now just as big an incentive.

Before we stopped for lunch we had driven through Bunyeroo and Brachina Gorge.

Several of the more popular 4WD tracks were closed for the day, due to yesterday’s rain, so we were pleased to find these two still open.

Both are part of the National Park and the gorges display the 500 million year old geology of the Flinders Ranges.

The landscape reveals the sedimentary layers of an ancient seabed that has been uplifted and folded into the Flinders Ranges and fossils of the earliest animals on earth. Unfortunately no matter how many photos we take or which angle we take from, they do not do this place justice.

Brent drove us through the first gorge, this way we also got a feel for the condition of the dirt roads after yesterday’s rain. Whilst it was pretty muddy, it wasn’t too slippery so I had a go through the last, and shorter gorge. Thankfully we didn’t have much oncoming traffic, as the road was pretty narrow at places.

Having overeaten we left the bustling Roadkill Restaurant with me by the steering wheel and I took us the whole 40 km through Glass Gorge to North Blinman! 2nd day by the wheel, ever, and already roughly 40 k’s done! I must admit I feel a bit proud, and tired.

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