Day 6 – the Arkapena Track

Our last day at the Flinders Ranges was set aside for some serious 4WD. We had the choice of two privately owned tracks, the Skytrek owned by the Willow Springs Station, or the Arkapena Track owned by Rawnsley Park Station, which is also the place where we’re staying.

We decided on the latter, purely from the description of it being a challenging one and in two parts, of which I could then drive the first part.

I drove the yellow/orange track, Brent the red

We headed out at 9.30 am and were the first ones on the track after yesterday’s closure.

The first part of the track is advertised as an AWD (all wheel drive); we reckon that’s a bit optimistic as it was a bit more challenging than Brent had imagined for me to start out my 3rd day behind the wheel. And it made him wonder what he had in store for the last part of the track.

Nonetheless he was impressed by my way of handling the rocky and narrow dirt tracks, whilst at the same time dodging the many kangaroos and occasional emu.

Wilpena Pound is only accessible by foot so for the afternoon we had meant to do one of the many walking tracks there. Unfortunately I had an oncoming migraine and the shortest walk was 3 hrs return, approximately 6 km, so there was no way I was going to be able to do that. And we were too late to catch the small shuttle bus.

Eagle spotting

Instead we went back to Rawnsley Park Station (our accommodation) and whilst I had a rest, Brent did one of the many walking tracks around the station.

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